Message To High-Achieving Photographers...

Are You Ready To Generate $9,797 In New Revenue

...Without Doing 30+ Photo Sessions Each Month?

What if you could have a Step By Step System to...

Market with ease to attract your ideal clients...

Ethically and easily get all the money you’ve been leaving on the table...

​And have all the time in your life to enjoy the people and activities you love most...

If you want the knowledge AND the personal support, encouragement, accountability and guidance to achieving your financial goals with ease, keep reading…. 

You know that in order to generate several thousand dollars per session, you need to be CONFIDENT with your prices, ATTRACT the right clients, and know how to "SELL"...
However, you’re constantly second guessing yourself and asking questions like, “Where would I find people that are willing to pay me more than $200?”, “How do I find THOSE kinds of clients?” and “Am I even good enough to even ask for more?”

...Generating $3,000 or more per session (regularly) without all the stress, pressure and sleaze of traditional sales?

You would have a new system that improves confidence in your sales and be able to throw out that old way of selling...

You would feel confident in your pricing, free up time and energy with your new streamlined workflow and automated processes ordering and stop feeling overwhelmed...

You wouldn’t have to spend your days posting in all the local Facebook groups about your business. You can stop commenting every time someone on Facebook says they are looking for a photographer...

And you wouldn’t even have to worry about posting regularly on your own social media pages because instead you’d find yourself busy responding to emails of people eager to work with you...

And maybe even others will start noticing your results and call you the local "Superstar Photographer"...

If you want to confidently attract clients willing to invest $3,000 or more per session, I have something for you...

A 12-week group coaching program for established (and new) photographers who are ready to fast track your financial freedom without all the stress, fear and uncertainty that occurs when going it alone...

Are you ready to land high paying photography clients...?

...while photographing as few as 2-3 sessions a month, so you can have the

flexibility and freedom to live the life you deserve then pay attention!

Here's What Taylor Had To Say...

Family & Newborn Photographer

"Within just 4 weeks of Get More Photography Clients, I generated an EXTRA $6,000 that I wouldn’t have otherwise! 

In addition to the financial freedom from this month, I’ve also booked a handful of clients through the next year using my new business structure - thanks to Heather!

I’ve gained CONFIDENCE, FREEDOM, and the GROWTH I’ve been looking for (and desperately needing)!

If you’re thinking about scaling your photography business, this program will 1000% help you grow!"

Are you ready to land high paying photography clients...?

...while photographing as few as 2-3 sessions a month, so you can have the

flexibility and freedom to live the life you deserve then pay attention!

What You Receive When You Say Yes To...

Phase 1: Dream, Design & Dissect

Dream about what you want your business and more importantly your life to look like. Then we will design a customized road map for how you can get there as easily as possible. Assessing your strengths and personality traits is part of the process to maximize your efforts where you shine and assist in the other areas to keep you growing.  

Next, dissect your time and energy so you can determine the necessary changes needed to be made so you can be more efficient and productive to get you where you want to be while working less and making more.  

Phase 2: Money, Money, Money!

In phase 2, we will talk about all things money. We will uncover mindsets around money that unknowingly might be creating a roadblock for you to generate the wealth you desire...

In addition to the mindset, we will do a deep dive into your finances and create a banking system that will instantly put profit in your pocket...

The cost of doing business calculators will help make it easy to understand the modifications that must be made in how you sell to create the life you are dreaming of in a short amount of time...

Phase 3: Photographic Labs & Product Options

Phase 3 will help you discover which photographic labs offer the specialty products that both excite you AND attract your ideal clients. 

Phase 4: Pricing & Profits

After you’ve determined what to sell then we will work through how to profitably price the prints, products and digitals to achieve your financial goals in phase 4.  

Phase 5: Contracts & Professionalism

In phase 5, you will receive an abundance of templates from contracts to an investment guide making it so simple to create organization, confidence and present your business in a professional manner so your clients and even more importantly you take your business seriously..  

Phase 6: Automation & Delegation

Phase 6 focuses on automation and delegation. You will be able to access more than 50 email templates. The new automated email sequence for new inquiries I implemented helped me generate an additional $25,000 in sales last year alone. You will receive other email sequences to elevate your client experience throughout the entire portrait process from beginning to end.  

Phase 7: Sales - The IPS Sales Process

Phase 7 is all about sales! Selling is fun. It doesn’t have to be hard.

You will learn how to handle the actual in person (or via zoom) sales ordering appointment as well as all the processes in place before the ordering appointment so clients come prepared ready to invest thousands.

Your clients are excited about the products you offer, instills confidence in you and your process, and alleviates the fear of feeling like a sleazy used car salesman.

Phase 8: Creating A Full Calendar

You will learn in phase 8 how to get your calendar booked with high school senior sessions years in advance, increase the amount spent per senior and have them ordering prints and products as early as their freshman year.

We will also discuss marketing power hour which provides you with a wide variety of ways to build brand awareness and market to your community for free or with very minimal costs.

When You Enroll Today, You Will Get...

  • 12 Weekly 90 Minute Group Coaching Calls
  • ​Accountability & Encouragement in a Fun & Support Environment
  • ​Business Finances Made Simple (A Step By Step Process)
  • ​How To Price Profitably (With or without digitals!)
  • ​​List of more than 24 print labs to order from
  • ​​VIP High School Program (Behind The Scenes)
  • ​​A "Go-To" Photography Software List
  • ​​Goal Setting & Weekly Action Steps
  • ​Investment Guide Template
  • ​Customized Pricing Guide
  • ​Intro to Simple SEO Optimization
  • ​How To Attract Your Ideal Client
  • ​Email Templates & Contract Templates
  • ​Post Session Workflow Checklist
  • ​​A Complete Website Audit
  • ​Marketing Power Hour
  • ​​CODB Calculator
  • ​Team & High Volume Processing

You're also protected with our 7-day guarantee...

When you Work with Heather, you’re not just buying theory or fluff you have to figure out yourself...

Choosing to say yes to joining Get More Photography Clients, you will receive 12 weekly group coaching calls AND an 8 phase video course. In our calls together, you will experience personalized coaching in a fun and supportive environment.  

I will show up to make sure you are making progress and celebrate your success with you every step of the way. 

You will receive accountability around weekly action steps, additional guidance and hand holding when you’re feeling lost or unsure. 

And there will be dedicated time set aside on our weekly calls to take action and implement right away providing you with continuous forward momentum.

Cancellation Policy

Guess what? You’re also protected with our cancellation policy. There’s literally no risk involved because you can cancel in 7 days.

A note From Your Coach...

Heather Wanninger

Hey there, I’m Heather, your coach who will fast track you to financial freedom...

Here’s why I’m qualified to help you…

I’ve been a photographer for 11 years, specializing in high school seniors for 7. Corporate photography is another niche I’ve been expanding into more and more...

I started charging $50 per session, and now I’m bringing in multi-six figures in my photography business which has allowed me to plan for my future by putting money into IRA’s and other similar investment avenues, real estate in multiple states, and more...

Turned a $20,000 annual sales into $100,000 in just one year. Nearly doubled again the following year...

I’ve helped other photographers drastically increase their income...

Taylor generated $6,000 in one month. Someone else had a $2,500 sale. Abby hit $10,000 in sales in just one month. Michele earned $3500 in 6 weeks without picking up a camera...

Another photographer has made more in the first 2 months of the year than she did all of last year. These are all examples of what happened during the 3 month group coaching program...

My passion is to first help photographers become profitable and then help them see all the possibilities of what they can do with the money earned that will serve them beyond today...

See you on the inside!

Still not sure if Get More Photography Clients is right for you? Ready to jump in?

This program is perfect for you if you have a great work ethic, committed to taking deliberate action weekly, kind, collaborative, and excited to get to work.

Isn’t it time you generate $10,000 or more each month without doing 20-30 photo sessions?  

You Have Questions... I Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program perfect for?

This course is photographers with a full calendar only charging $200-$600 per session and are burnt out.  

It's also great if you are a photographer who is just getting started and want to accelerate your path to success by learning from someone who has made 10+ years of mistakes and now operates a multi-six figure well oiled machine.   

Take the guidance from someone who is several steps ahead of you on this journey so you can build a strong foundation with systems, automation, tools, and guidance straight out of the gate.

If you’re a photographer who likes the idea of easily generating $1,500, $2,000, $3,500 or more per session, you'll love Get More Photography Clients!

How much time do I need to invest?

For maximum benefit, set aside 90 minutes each week to be on the group calls live. (replays are available if you’re not able to join live).

How much additional time is determined by your goals and what action steps you’re willing to commit to each week.  

How much support do I get?

In addition to the 90-minute weekly calls during our 3 months together, you will also have 24/7 access to our private FB group for students where you can get feedback, advice, support from myself as well as other students.